Legal services and consulting

Services and consulting in the sphere of Commercial Law

  • consulting for the most suitable for you and your activity form of a company   for carrying out the respective activity (Sole trader, General partnership, Limited partnership, Limited liability company, a Joint stock company, branch  of a foreign company, etc.);
  • establishment and initial registration of a company or a branch of a company at the Registry Agency;
  • commercial representations and mediations;
  • transformation;
  • changes in the data;
  • consulting about publishing financial reports;

Services and consulting in the sphere of Labor and Social Insurance Law 

  • consulting about labor and social insurance relationships;
  • concluding, changing, termination of labor contracts;
  • protection;

Services and consulting in the sphere of Contractual Law 

  • consulting and providing services about bond contracts and agreements – conclusion, execution, non-execution, liability, sanctions, termination according to the Law of obligations and contracts;

Legal advices and services of  public companies;

Preparation of documents

  • documents preparation for establishing and registering companies in the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency;
  • preparation of documents and written materials, necessary for meetings of the administrative bodies and General Meetings of the shareholders of private and public companies;
  • announcing the written materials and all other documents to the Financial Supervision Commission, Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD, mass media  and to the community for the public companies;
  • contracting trade deals; sales and deals of placements of company’s shares and  participations;
  • preparation of documents for intermediate and annual financial reports, activity reports and announcing them in the Commercial Register;
  • preparation of  bonds contracts and agreements;
  • preparation of contracts for financing different kinds of sale-trade and intermediate contracts;
  • preparation of power of attorneys, legal opinions;
  • preparation of labor and civil contracts, agreements and others.