Consulting services

Advice  regarding the acquisition of public status and public offering of securities

  • Preparation of economic, financial and legal analysis of the company with recommendations, in order the company to be prepared for the future public status. The service includes the preparation of the financial model of the company, and consultations regarding the structuring of activities, determination of investment policy, the need to change the legal form and company documents, advice regarding the capital structure and cash flow management and others.;
  • Structuring the issues of financial instruments, including advice as to the basic parameters of a future issue / s, a study of investor interest, an analysis of future cash flows and capital structure of the Company after successful completion of public offering of the relevant financial instruments;
  • Consultation in connection with the preparation of all necessary documents for registration of securities for trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia. The team provide consultancy services at all steps, including but not limited to the relations with the Central Depository, obtaining approval of a prospectus and registration in a public register of the FSC, organizing road shows among institutional investors, public relations consultations and events management, press releases, etc.;
  • Consultation in connection with the placement of securities, including but not limited to preparing a strategy to attract a certain type of investors, advice regarding the type and parameters of the procedure for offering securities, organizing road shows, advice regarding the placement and the marketing of public offerings, assist in attracting potential investorsq coordinate the rations with investment intermediary – the undertaker and others;

Financial Analysis

Our team of financial experts of Sofia Finance JSC offers a full range of financial services to the companies - from financial analysis, advices on capital structure to finding a financing for the Clients’ activity and projects, namely:

  • preparation of individual financial models for forecasting and planning;
  • Advises on the capital structure that includes a detailed analysis of the historical performance of the Company, industry and market information in order to recommend the optimum ratio and implementation strategy of the Company's financial objectives;
  • Analysis of cash flows and advice regarding the cash flow management and maintain an adequate liquidity;
  • Preparation of financial evaluation of companies using internationally recognized methods, based mainly on discounted cash flows and market analogues;
  • Consultation in connection with the projects financing - use of various possible sources of financing - debt, equity and the available structural funds in Bulgaria;


Mediation and representation

The team of economists, financiers, accountants and lawyers are available to clients to representation the client to the various institutions and organizations in order the client to achieve its objectives. Sofia Finance JSC has represented his clients to the Trade Register and to the Central Depository, BSE-Sofia, FSC, BNB, municipal administration, various government departments and agencies, to foreign investors and private individuals;


Sale of whole companies or shares. Providing equity investments

Part of the team of specialists of Sofia Finance JSC are international investment experts, which enables our customers to have access to foreign investors in addition to the good relations with the local institutional and private investors we complement the full range of options to ensure equity for our clients. Sofia Finance JSC offers to its customers complete consultations on their willingness to sell the entire or parts of their capital - an initial evaluation using all internationally recognized evaluation methods; financial and operational due diligence, preparing promotional materials; structure potential transaction, business consultancy in order to increase the attractiveness, organizing and conducting open or closed public auction, to ensure equity, negotiating in connection with the sale, preparation of all necessary documents to finalize the deal and others;


Mergers and Acquisitions

The team of economists, financiers and lawyers of Sofia Finance JSC offers advice on conversions - mergers and acquisitions. Our team performs all kinds of advice on the various steps, including but not limited to consultation on the form of conversion depending on the desired effect, an estimate of the expected outcome - due diligence, preparing all necessary documents, representation to all authorities – CPC, FSC, Trade Register, etc.and co-ordination of the whole process of converting to registration in the Trade register;


Business advices

Sofia Finance JSC offers a full range of business consulting. Our consultancy service is focus primarily on business development and developing new projects. Services that we offer include:

  • marketing strategy advice;
  • marketing research and development of new products;
  • development of investment plans and projects;
  • preparation and presentation of strategies for business development;
  • preparation of business plans;
  • advice on effective implementation of the plan;
  • preparation of a model for monitoring the performance of the business plan;
  • production of industrial and sectoral analysis to identify opportunities for business development;
  • financial and strategic planning;
  • assessment of competitiveness of the business of the client;
  • financial forecast of the expected return then the company's activities;
  • support the process of attracting project funding;
  • feasibility study;
  • cost-benefit analysis;
  • Management planning and others;


EU Funds

In partnership with leading consulting and construction companies from Europe and Asia offer a complete service to the Bulgarian municipalities to implement their infrastructure projects.

  • services include feasibility studies;
  • cost-benefit analysis;
  • preparation of tender documents;
  • preparation of projects for applying to OPs in Bulgaria, and EU initiatives.