Invitations and written Materials - 2018

Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Mayfair Group
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Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Oni Holdings AD
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Meeting Invitation for Mayfair Group PLC
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Meeting Invitation for Oni Holding
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SOFIA FINANCE has joined as associate and dealer of PHONO SOLAR and undertakes the distribution and promotion of the products.

PHONO SOLAR is a 100% subsidiary of SUMEC GROUP CORPORATION and specializes in the production of energy production facilities and energy saving.

PHONO SOLAR’s products are among others PV panels, Thermo Solar panels, Heat Pumps, LED lamps, Phonocube batteries and energy administration system etc.

Further to this cooperation Sofia Finance can assist you in providing other products produced by the Group such as Biomass energy production units, Generators, Ship building etc.

To visit the official site of PHONOSOLAR, please click here -

For further information we are at your disposal.